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May 21

The Power of a Daddy Hug

I was caught by surprise this morning. Linda and I were having a time of prayer over our family and our day. As I was praying I was reminded of an event that had happened the day before, it was a moment of grace and I hadn’t let it really impact me. I had been …

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Mar 29

Wasting time with God

I have been reading “The Gift of being Yourself” by David Benner.  I read the following quote this morning:   What God wants is simply our presence, even if it feels like a waste of potentially productive time.  That is what friends do together – they waste time with each other.  Simply being together is …

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May 05

Do I Always Have to Be Right?

My wife asked me that question a couple of days ago. At first I was angered I wanted to argue. It seems arguing is always my first response. The question did get me thinking what is it that drives me to be right? Is there truly always a right or wrong? So I have been …

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Feb 28

Love Affair

  This morning on the way to work I heard the song “Remind Me Who I Am” by Jason Gray.  At the end of the song they played an interview clip of Jason talking about the song.  He said that “We sin because we are trying to prove our worth to ourselves.  We need a …

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Apr 27

Downplay What You Don’t Want

When I read the book of Acts it always raises questions for me.  When I was younger I used to ask my parents “Why don’t we see this happening in the church today.”  That wasn’t a question they could answer very well.  Now as I have gotten older I am still asking the same question.  …

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Mar 24

I Am Barney Fife

  Do you ever have one of those moments when you see what you look like in another person?  I was watching an old episode of “The Andy Griffith Show” with my family and had that experience.  I forget the exact script but the plot was something like this.  Barney had done something stupid, but …

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Dec 23

Running With the Herd Not!

This week I have been reading a book that I received at my family christmas exchange.  The book is about a man’s journey to find healing after he lost his wife of 35 years to cancer.  As part of his healing process he hiked the Applacian Trail.   He not only chronicles his hike but mixes …

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Mar 10

Lessons From Surgery II

  Leading up to my surgery six weeks ago, God visited our children in a powerful way at a youth retreat.  As I was getting ready I felt I should have some of the youth at church pray for me, for healing.  Healing would have would made the surgery unnecessary.  With newly reinforced faith they …

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Mar 04

Where Does My Value Lie?

God often catches my attention at the most random times, or maybe I only pay attention at random times.  I was driving to work the other morning, thinking through what I needed to get done in the day, and a couple of phrases from a song caught my attention.  “When I don’t measure up to …

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Mar 01

What Does Leading Look Like?

  Today I was talking with Linda, and we were trying to make a decision about whether it would be ok for our 10 year old son to be at home alone for an hour and a half this evening.  We talked about all the angles and then moved on to another topic.  Linda came …

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