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Sep 16

On the Other Side of Lust

     Linda and I took this past weekend to get away and be together.  We decided that our first priorities were to read our bibles, pray together, and do some soul nourishing reading.  We had longer times of prayer, praying for friends, our church, our leaders, and praying over each other.  It was really a …

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Aug 04

Wisdom from Proverbs

  My morning devotions recently was from Proverbs.  These verses from chapters 17, 18, and 19 really caught my attention.  I have listed these verses below with some of my thoughts in red.  All verses are in the New Living Translation. Proverbs 17:9  Disregarding another person’s faults preserves love; telling about them separates close friends. …

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Jul 29

Man In The Mirror

     Have you ever had a moment where you had the blinders removed from your eyes and you saw yourself for what you really are?  I have been having a series of these events in my life.  Let me share a recent on with you.  My family and I spent some time with several other …

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Jul 23

A Bridge to Walk On

     It has been a while since the last post here on REALMENDO.  My family and I are back from 10 days of vacation.  We spent time in a farm house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  (A gift from friends of ours).  We were totally technology disconnected.  No internet, no phone, no television and …

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Jun 25

God wants you

                                                            I was returning home from a backpacking trip with three of our children and six more of their teenage friends.  We were listening to our local Christian radio station, they were doing an album special on the group "Casting Crowns".   As we listened one of the group members was sharing his testimony, …

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Jun 22

Anger is my friend?

     I struggle with anger.  I have hurt others, especially those close to me with angry words.  I have said something in anger, and watched one of my children or my wife wilt right before my eyes.      Through the years I have heard many different teachings on anger.  Some say that anger is wrong …

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