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May 21

The Power of a Daddy Hug

I was caught by surprise this morning. Linda and I were having a time of prayer over our family and our day. As I was praying I was reminded of an event that had happened the day before, it was a moment of grace and I hadn’t let it really impact me. I had been …

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Mar 27

Matthew West “Something to Say”

I was reading through Matthew West’s website the other day.  I have been deeply impacted by his song “The Motions“.  The chorus has become the background music to my life lately, it bubbles up and comes out at the most unexpected times.  The song eloquently says what  I have been feeling in my heart.  I …

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Feb 17

How To Kill a Friendship

If you have been following this blog in the last couple of months you will know that I am a fan of Mark Hall.  I find his music insightful, and thought provoking, and I find his teaching gets to the heart of a matter.  I was to the Casting Crowns website and found a video …

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Jun 25

God wants you

                                                            I was returning home from a backpacking trip with three of our children and six more of their teenage friends.  We were listening to our local Christian radio station, they were doing an album special on the group "Casting Crowns".   As we listened one of the group members was sharing his testimony, …

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