Monthly Archive: February 2008

Feb 22

Questions for the week

    My question for this week is how have you been taking care of those under your care? Would you say that your wife feels that you really care about what is going on in her life? Do you kids feel that you really listen to them or do you simply try to fix the …

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Feb 13

You know what I mean

    A man and his wife were out shopping. They were strolling down a street and happened to come upon a pet shop. Outside the shop there was a parrot in a cage. As they approached the cage wondering if this was a talking bird the parrot said “Hey mister your ugly and your wife’s …

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Feb 02

What do I put before my eyes?

    Each week has its challenges. When you are interacting with people, there are plenty of opportunities to challenge our Christ-likeness. Here is what I find: I tend to keep myself under control more with people outside my family. With my family, I am more free to say the things that often shouldn’t be …

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