Monthly Archive: April 2008

Apr 29

What are you made of?

    I think that life gives us measuring stick events, events that test the things we have been learning and challenge us to move to higher ground. I used to think that those events were accompanied by a real and near sense of God, or a deep moment of conviction; I have really been rethinking …

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Apr 24

True Measuring Sticks

For personal growth I have begun reading some books that will really challenge me to grow. I have decided to put away novels with great story lines and entertainment and to spend my valueable reading time filling my mind with good things. My current read is a book entitled  "Humility : True Greatness" by C.J. Mananey. …

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Apr 21

What is my part?

    I have been reading a great book titled Humility : True Greatness (by CJ Mahaney). My chapter this morning centered on how we need each other to see the sin in our lives. Sin is deceiving and often it deceives us. We need each other to get perspective. One of the big things I …

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Apr 17

Which dog are you feeding?

How has you week been? What have you been discovering about yourselves? Have you been looking at how you relate with others and your family or are you simply on autopilot? How are your flesh detectors working (wives and children)? Hopefully you haven’t been thinking life would be great if all these people in my …

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Apr 08

New Way of Thinking

    I have been adopting two new sayings in my vocabulary. Instead of saying “I forgot”, I now say “I didn’t care enough to remember”. Instead of confessing pride I need to confess “letting myself or something take the place of God or set itself up against God”. It’s a change of terms that at …

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