Monthly Archive: May 2008

May 28

Can You Be Inconvenienced?

    In a conversation with Linda (my wife) I was challenged with this.  She has been reading the book "The Secret of the Stairs" by Wade Taylor.   It is a book written about the spiritual lessons in Song of Solomon.  What had caught her attention and mine as well is this.  If we want to …

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May 23

Stuck on this song

  Yesterday in the shower this song came to me.  I believe the Lord was bring it to my memory.  The lyrics are so simple and yet so powerful.  Here they are: "[amazonify]B0000004S2::text::::The Robe[/amazonify]" by Wes King. Anyone whose heart is cold and lonely Anyone who can’t believe Anyone whose hands are worn and empty Come as you …

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May 22

Where has the time gone?

      I got an email from a friend who has been reading this blog.  It really started me thinking.  I thought I would share an excerpt of his email.  He expresses himself so well.     . . . Reading these entries makes me think of all this; it gets me away from my …

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May 19

Thoughts from “Hinds Feet on High Places”

      Linda and I had a chance to have a little get away this weekend.  We wanted to read and have some no demand time to talk.  I have been reading "Hinds Feet on High Places" again.  As I read through the chapters there were a number of thoughts that really struck me and …

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May 15

Christ manifest in me?

     This selection from " My Utmost For His Highest"  was part of my devotions today.  It really brought home to me that I need to manifest Jesus in every part of life.  I am given difficult circumstances and people to allow Jesus to shine through my actions and responses.  How often am I that difficult …

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May 13

Missing the things of the heart

     Camping is challenging when it is rainy and cold isn’t it?  We had a little family camping trip with several other families last weekend.  The cool weather made it more of a challenge.  It rained pretty hard Friday evening, was cloudy Saturday morning, cleared and was nice on Saturday afternoon and evening, and finally …

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May 08

Morning Tidbit

I read the following paragraph in the book “Humility” by C.J. Mahaney this morning and it was a challenge to me. Ultimately there can be no effective expansion of your life’s mission and ministry, no fulfillment of the specific purpose He’s called you to, apart from the cultivation of humility in your heart and the …

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May 07

Cultivating Thankfulness

    I have been impressed over the last several weeks of how thankless I have been. I have been challenged through some of the reading I am doing and my involvement in Christ Quest to take proactive steps to develop a thankful attitude. The main exercise I have undertaken is to write a small note …

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May 02

Tasting The Fruit

    Do you know that the fruit of the spirit can be tasted? This week I have been tasting and enjoying the fruit of peace and it really tastes good. Linda and I have really been enjoying each other this week.  To what do I attribute this peace in my home? I believe there are …

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