Monthly Archive: June 2008

Jun 25

God wants you

                                                            I was returning home from a backpacking trip with three of our children and six more of their teenage friends.  We were listening to our local Christian radio station, they were doing an album special on the group "Casting Crowns".   As we listened one of the group members was sharing his testimony, …

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Jun 22

Anger is my friend?

     I struggle with anger.  I have hurt others, especially those close to me with angry words.  I have said something in anger, and watched one of my children or my wife wilt right before my eyes.      Through the years I have heard many different teachings on anger.  Some say that anger is wrong …

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Jun 12

Naked In Public?!

     I can say there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t have lots of choices to make.  Each day is filled with multiple opportunities to submit my mind and will to the master.  You know what?  I have been getting every on of them right!  Not!  My fleshly side lies to me.   …

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Jun 09

Recent Message

  I was ask to share the message at our church recently.  A number of people have asked how they could hear the sermon.  Well I have been experimenting with some new technology and you can listen to it right here.  All you need to do is click on the icon below to launch the …

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Jun 05

Help It’s Summer!

      Well we have hit summer full bore.  Long warm days, cookouts, endless outdoor activities, and supposed summer vacation.  Summer brings many pleasures,  it also for me brings a big challenge.  That big  challenge is how to deal with the summer attire many women wear.  More is revealed than is helpful for me (or …

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