Monthly Archive: July 2008

Jul 29

Man In The Mirror

     Have you ever had a moment where you had the blinders removed from your eyes and you saw yourself for what you really are?  I have been having a series of these events in my life.  Let me share a recent on with you.  My family and I spent some time with several other …

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Jul 23

A Bridge to Walk On

     It has been a while since the last post here on REALMENDO.  My family and I are back from 10 days of vacation.  We spent time in a farm house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  (A gift from friends of ours).  We were totally technology disconnected.  No internet, no phone, no television and …

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Jul 08

Do you really want revival?

      Over the weekend I attended the "Green Valley Bookfair".  Huge selection of books at great discounts.  I was specifically looking for some books on American history for my daughters school.  Well I struck out on the history books so I meandered over to the inspirational books section.  A book caught my eye "The Low …

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Jul 05

Head Potpourri

  Over the last week or so I have been thinking about a number of things.  Maybe one of these topics will become a full blown post in the future.  Here are some of things I have been processing. (From a message our pastor gave two weeks ago).  To the extent the you go after …

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