Monthly Archive: September 2008

Sep 29

No Pain, No Gain

     I have been trying to get to the point where I can do 50 push ups in a row.  I started out about a month ago with a pretty pathetic eight in a row and think I might be able to get above 25 now.  Has it come easy?  No doing push-ups really sucks …

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Sep 25

An Excuse to Post

     I just made changes to my email distribution format, and wanted to put these changes to a test. (I can be so impatient)  So you guessed right, this post is primarily to check out the new email format.  But since I need some content, this post has information about how to better utilize the …

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Sep 23

When is a Lie Worth It?

     Last Thursday morning while driving to work, I was thinking about what my next blog post would be.   I have been looking at my life "what does how I spend my time say about my real priorities?"  I have even touched on that here in the blog.  If I say my relationship with God …

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Sep 16

On the Other Side of Lust

     Linda and I took this past weekend to get away and be together.  We decided that our first priorities were to read our bibles, pray together, and do some soul nourishing reading.  We had longer times of prayer, praying for friends, our church, our leaders, and praying over each other.  It was really a …

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Sep 09

Muslim Perspective

     My pastor started a series of messages for our mission emphasis month.  During his first message he played a video clip of Muslim husband and wife, sharing their perspective on Christianity and the United States.  This pointed presentation was sobering because much of what they said is true.   Sometimes we need to hear from …

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Sep 08

Step Out!

     In our evening family reading time we have been reading "Walking Miracle" by Art Sanborn.  This is another in the series "International Adventures" from YWAM publishing.   Last evening at the end of our reading,  there was this  paragraph: On Thursday, December 20, by good friend Dean Curry invited me to come to a prayer …

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