Monthly Archive: May 2009

May 22

In the Hands of a Loving God

I spent the weekend with 60 other men, at a men’s retreat.  I spoke in an earlier post that I needed to do some business with God.  I needed to find a closeness to him and hear him speak into issues in my life.  Well God is faithful.  I want to share with you some …

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May 15

Mental Pinball

I try to write a post to realmendo once a week.  Often there is something in my life that God has been dealing with and that provides the topic.  This week however I have six things going on in my head.  I have had a painful couple of weeks.  Painful from the perspective that I …

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May 06

We Need To Be The Solution

As the church we are grieved by the abortions of 50 million babies and endless wave of teenage pregnancy.  We are appalled by the specter of beaten women and children.  We often speak out about these things.  However we need to be more than opposed to something, we need to be/have solutions. 

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