Monthly Archive: August 2009

Aug 25

The Grand Conspiracy

There is always lots of talk about conspiracies.  Did Lee Harvey Oswald really kill J.F.K. ?  The U.S. didn’t really land on the moon, it was all filmed in studio to dupe the American people.  The Government really has proof that there are UFO’s but don’t want you to know it, it all revolves around …

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Aug 06

Living Emotionally

There is some really interesting material in proverbs.  Often Solomon’s words paint striking word pictures to explain a concept.  I read this one to my boys this morning and it really caught their attention. Proverbs 26:16 (NIV) Like one who seizes a dog by the ears is a passer-by who meddles in a quarrel not …

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Aug 05

If I Had It To Do All Over Again

On the way to the Bank yesterday I heard this poem on a radio broadcast.  It was simple and succinct, and challenged me anew to a higher plain in my parenting.  It is sort of a simple formula for good parenting.  Take a listen to these words from an unknown author. If I Had It …

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