Monthly Archive: December 2009

Dec 30

Are You A Thumb Sucker?

  I recently had the occasion to witness self-pity in an up close way.  The whole event picked me up and spun me around and I was grasping for truth.  I ended up journaling about it one morning, and wow I got 5 pages worth of stuff!  I won’t say I wrote down 5 pages …

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Dec 23

Fear, Worry, Anger and God’s Grace

Dan a friend of mine told me recently “I am reading The Shack, it is an awesome book.”  We read the book as a family about a year ago and it really impacted us as a family.  My thirteen year old son said “This is the best book we have ever read.”   There was something in …

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Dec 09

True Spiritual Growth

  I heard part of a teaching by James McDonald on the radio this afternoon and a couple of his statements really caught my attention.   I have transcribed the text below for your to read.  (you may also play it as well if you are viewing it from the web)   Spiritual maturity is related …

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