Feb 28

Love Affair


This morning on the way to work I heard the song “Remind Me Who I Am” by Jason Gray.  At the end of the song they played an interview clip of Jason talking about the song.  He said that “We sin because we are trying to prove our worth to ourselves.  We need a revelation of God’s love for us.”

It reminded me of some journaling I did last week.  I sat down and was processing some of the weeks events wanting to gain understanding.  The funny thing about the times I go to the Lord he often reiterated his love for me.  He listens patiently to all my frustration, anger, bitterness and then responds by telling me how much he loves me.  When he reminded me of this all the other things melt away and a peace comes over my soul.  It is inconceivable that he would say those things to me after the junk that I pour out.  Here are excerpts of what I heard the Lord speak into my spirit maybe these words are for you as well.  This is the Lord reminding me who I am.

Do you know how I marveled when you were born?  I had been anticipating this event from the beginning of time.  The result of all my careful plans and thoughts now brought to fruition. ……..  I am not angry that you haven’t been making enough progress.  I don’t feel cheated that I have invested so much and you have yielded so little.  I am blessed by who you are and who you are becoming.  But I am especially blessed when you come and talk with me.  It doesn’t matter what you have to say, I want to be with you.  I am not put off by your anger,  I don’t tire of you dealing with the same old things.  I am committed to spending as much time as it takes to see the jewel-in-the-rough, cut and polished to perfection.  I am not man that I grow weary of dealing with these things.  I am fueled by love, not by some selfish agenda.  I want to see you released from the accusers vomit, from believing the lies he has told you about yourself since you were a child.  Rise up man of courage, take the city, for the Lord your God has given it to you.


The more I thought of the words the Lord had spoken to me and the words Jason Gray spoke, I wanted to hear more of what he had to say.  I googled for Jason Gray interviews.  I didn’t find the clip I heard this morning but I found two short clips that really spoke to my heart.  Click on the link below to hear his comments.


Hear is the Music video for the song “Remind Me Who I AM”

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