Mar 29

Wasting time with God

I have been reading “The Gift of being Yourself” by David Benner.  I read the following quote this morning:


What God wants is simply our presence, even if it feels like a waste of potentially productive time.  That is what friends do together – they waste time with each other.  Simply being together is enough without expecting to “get something” from the interaction.  It should be no different with God.


Two things stuck out for me.  I still want to “do” this God thing.  Learning to just be is hard for a fully trained doer.  In one sense I want a list that I can do that makes me ok then I don’t have to deal with the nebulous relationship thing.  On the other hand I have never been able to keep all the rules and feel like I am constantly failing.  The yearning in my heart is for a place to belong, without requirements.  God is calling me from the religious to the relational.  What a paradigm shift.


The second thing that struck me about this quote is “no expectations.”  Being together with God, and others and not expecting to get something from them wow that is a challenge.  William Paul Young says that “Expectations kill relationships because they create disappointments.”  If I have no expectations then I won’t be disappointed, everything is a gift.  When I am disappointed with God it is because I have an expectation of what he should be doing and it isn’t happening.  Can I make the switch to beholding what is going on around me and finding God in the moments, to view it with wonder as a little child.

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