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     Let me introduce myself. I am Ron Shenk father of four great children, husband of one wife for now almost 24 years. Linda and I are home educating our children. We live in Virginia in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. I have been a partner in a computer services and consulting business for some 15 years. This blog is about my journey to be more like Christ. That journey has led me to examine what I say, how I behave, and how I think. This examination has changed the way I look at leadership and what being a "Real Man" involves. I wish I could say that I came to all these things because I was such a spiritual guy and was persueing God with my whole heart but the reality is that Linda (my wife) was making me increasingly aware of how I was deeply hurting her and our children with the way I treated them.

     For a number of years I sought to find people and resources  that would convince her that she was looking at it all wrong.  I wasn’t really being offensive and mean, it was just her interpretation.

     I would attend retreats or other spiritual events and become very convicted and repent to Linda for some of the things in my life. But the repentance brought no lasting change in my life. I would go on "four week crusades" where I would do better but would eventually fall back into my old behavior.

      At the end of 2005 we attended a "Life Partners Seminar" and heard about their intensive discipling ministry to men and their wives. I was convicted that I needed just such a program to keep me moving in the right direction. Linda and I have been attending this program since that time and are seeing really neat things happening in our lives.  It has especially challenged me to become the "Real Man" God wants me to be.

     Being a "Real Man" involves really caring for those in my charge and being a spiritual leader by modeling true spiritual behavior. It has been a challenge to bring my actions in line with my words. Linda & I have seen this positively affect our relationship, the relationships with our children, and the spiritual hunger of our family. It has given us opportunities to talk with others about the things we are learning. At times it has been very painful.  I have had to view the effects of my ungodly behavior on others, I have had a veil pulled from my eyes.   I have begun to see the true reality of my hearts condition. It has brought me to a realization of just how much I need the Lord and his redeeming in my life.

    This blog is an invitation to join me in my journey to be like Christ.  A "Real Man".


  1. Richard McInturff

    I wondered if you had given up on your blog. Good to see you are still with it. Give me a call when you have a few minutes to catch up.

  2. Ross Berger

    Hi Ron,
    I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. Ross Berger from San Antonio, TX. I ran across your name and site because in the past couple of weeks I’ve felt called by God to start a youtube channel sharing resources for young men on what it looks like to be a man: How men act, what manhood looks like. I named the channel RealMenDo. So, obviously great minds think alike. It’s in a complete infancy stage but in going to start putting up videos and thought I’d share that info with you. My vision was a podcast and YouTube channel for now, but I saw that you have had the domain for awhile. I’d love to hear any feedback from you.
    Ross Berger

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