Feb 18

Lessons From Surgery

     Isn’t it interesting that life continues to give us regular challenges?  The only way to grow spiritual and relational muscle is to be pushed and tested.  As we are pushed we gain spiritual muscle.  We seem to be OK with that in the physical realm, but want to abandon it in the spiritual and relational realm.   We often take challenging circumstances in our lives, as proof that God really doesn’t love us.  If he was a loving God he would not let us go through painful things.

      So here is the choice when we face a tough situations.  Do we respond in the same old ways with the same old results or are we open to trying a new way that has the potential of yielding new results?  If we lock ourselves into the same old predictable responses it is proof that we aren’t growing in that area.  We give the same kind and level of effort and we get the same result.  Does this all sound too nebulus?  How about a real life example?

     I had surgery a couple of weeks ago, and as the time was drawing near that I should be cut open, Linda and I were discussing how much time off I was going to take.  Read the rest of this entry »

Feb 01

Is It Time For Anguish?

Recently a friend of ours posted a clip of David Wilkerson’s on her facebook. (Thanks Heather)  Linda and I listened and were touched and convicted.  The name of the clip is “A Call To Anguish.”  This clip paired with a message from our Pastor on “Calling Out To God”, has us asking ourselves some hard questions.  What does it take for us to call on God in a desperate way?  Are we willing to settle for a comforatable watered down christianity, that allows us to stay squarely in our comfort zone?  What does it look like to abandon our futures to Jesus?   Listen to this audio clip and see if it doesn’t challenge and change you as well.




Jan 02

The Best Christmas Present Ever!

One of my greatest blessings this year at Christmas was the card my 15 year old son made me.  I was so touched by his words.  I didn’t have a father who I felt comfortable going to with anything.  My father was and is a Good man but he to was fathered by an imperfect father.  I so much wanted my children to find their father a safe place to process life.  Even though that was one of my goals in parenting, it wasn’t too much of a reality.  I fell into the trap of parenting for the right behaviors not parenting to the heart.    The last 4 years have been a slow march back to parenting to the heart.  To hear this affirmed by my son really touched my me.  God has been so good.  I can see his grace more than ever.  Even in parenting we are given many chances to win our kids.  Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 30

Are You A Thumb Sucker?


I recently had the occasion to witness self-pity in an up close way.  The whole event picked me up and spun me around and I was grasping for truth.  I ended up journaling about it one morning, and wow I got 5 pages worth of stuff!  I won’t say I wrote down 5 pages worth of truth, it was more like a controlled rant and argument with the other person.  At the very end of my writing I wrote these these thoughts: Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 23

Fear, Worry, Anger and God’s Grace

Dan a friend of mine told me recently “I am reading The Shack, it is an awesome book.”  We read the book as a family about a year ago and it really impacted us as a family.  My thirteen year old son said “This is the best book we have ever read.”   There was something in the story that really spoke to him deep in his soul.  Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 09

True Spiritual Growth


I heard part of a teaching by James McDonald on the radio this afternoon and a couple of his statements really caught my attention.   I have transcribed the text below for your to read.  (you may also play it as well if you are viewing it from the web)


Spiritual maturity is related to the application of truth.  Is it not?  Spiritual blessing isn’t something you get zapped with while you are wandering through a revival tent.  It doesn’t happen that way. It’s not something that is gonna happen to you, because the sermon was a real zinger, and captivated you.  You may have a momentary working of God in your heart.  But spiritual maturity and spirtual growth is the long haul process of the application of divine truth in your life.  It calls for meditating on it day and night.  It calls for observing to do everything that is in it.  Then you begin to make your way prosperous and have good success.  It doesn’t happen in short spurts, it doesn’t happen with exstatic events.  True spiritual development, true spiritual growth, is just like human growth, it is a process fed by nourishment.  That nourishment is the word of God.


His description of what spiritual growth isn’t, describes how I used to persue maturity.  That changed several years ago when Linda and I enrolled in a weekly discipleship group.  For me spiritual growth was all about God Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 23

Transparency With God

Quotes from Francis Chan’s book  “Crazy Love

     Before my wife and I got married I knew that I had to tell her everything about me, and the ways I’s messed up, all the things I’d done. She had to know what she was getting before she agreed to marry me.  That conversation was not easy, but at the end of it, we still chose to be with each other, to commit our lives to one another.

I find myself acting differently with God.  Often, when I pray, I will phrase my sentences in a way that makes me sound better.  I will try to soften my sins, or touch up my true feelings before laying them before God.  How foolish it is for me to be completely honest with my wife about my shortcomings, bu try to fool God!

God wants us to be open with Him.  He definitely doesn’tt want us to “season our wretchedness” as we would raw meat.  He knows what we are, that we are disgusting, that all we are doing is tryig to make ourselves feel better.

God desires true itimacy with each of us, and that comes only when we trust Him enough to be fully transparent and vulnerable.

Nov 19

Perfection Is An Idol


I was having a conversation with my daughter last night before going to bed.  Somewhere in the conversation I said something about “never being able to achieve perfection.”  Her reply back was pointed, she said “Trying to achieve perfection is dangerous.”  At first I wanted to argue with this in my mind.  Isn’t there a place for striving to make a product better, or make a process more efficient?  I was having this mental argument in strictly physical terms.  Then this thought broke through.  “In trying to achieve perfection in life, I am trying to prove that I don’t need God!”  The thought really struck me like a lightning bolt.  Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 14

What is Faith?


I heard this quote this morning:

Faith is not getting from God just what you want (name it and claim it), it is accepting from God what he gives.

It started me thinking.  We hear all this rumble in the christian community about “If you had enough faith you would get your healing, your finances restored, etc. ”  Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 09

Are You Willing to Take The Bullet?

     Last Sunday evening Linda went on a long walk together, it gave us time to process some things together.  I had the opportunity to revisit some places where I had been hurtful and gain a bit more understanding of what blesses my wife and pulls here towards me in emotional intimacy.  Read the rest of this entry »

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